Thursday, January 20, 2011


Today was my 3? birthday....ok, ok....I'll tell you.....
Here I am in all my 38 year old photoshopping or editing....It was a really great day...except for the cold and rain.  I went to Monroe to shop a are a few of my fun goodies I got today....

These tops were from Maurice's...I LOVE that store....and I needed some new, pretty, girly tops....

I got two tanks and this really cool scarf at Old is another of my favorite shops.  I also got some new workout wear there but didn't figure you were interested in yoga pants and sports bras :)

These were my Target goodies.  Yes, I know lots of shopping but can't beat Old Navy and Target's prices so I really wasn't all that bad.  I got alot of stuff for not all that much money...

And of course I couldn't let the day go by without some fun scrappy stuff....these are my first Copic pens and thought I would see if I liked them since I journal so much on my layouts.  I went to lunch with Ryan at my very favorite restaurant, Ernestos. It is a fabulous mexican place in Monroe.  We ate and then I came back to Ruston and picked the boys up from school. 

Here is Garrett with the sweet card he gave me.  They all sang happy birthday to me this morning and gave me cards and a cool new scrappy tote that will be awesome when I travel.

Here is Grant with the two cards that he picked for me.  The one with the kid and the finger shoved up his nose does represent Grant's obsession with picking his nose (God, please let this one pass quickly.) 
Ryan has promised that I can buy something for our new house for my birthday present and I am trying to decide what I want.  We will be going to dinner...hopefully I will get a pic of the two of us tonight.  I feel very blessed and I did have a great day!!!

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday!!!!
    What a fun shopping what I see ;)