Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Scrappy Fun

So, up until this past weekend, I had not scrapbooked one single thing in over three years....that is really very sad.  I used scrapbooking as an emotional, spiritual, mental, and artistic release.  It helped me through an extremely difficult time in my life.  But, I let life, busyness, and sad to say, depression overtake me and I created no more.  I have wanted to for awhile now....but I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to do it anymore...that I had somehow lost my ability to create...some very good friends encouraged me to try....and I am so glad they are a just a couple of layouts that I completed this past weekend.....
This one is about how I was in denial about his eyes and eyesight until he started having to tilt his head forward to keep from seeing double....I'm so sorry, my sweet boy.

And here is another....

This one is about the wonderful relationship that Grant and PawPaw have had since he was a little baby.  We love you, PawPaw. 

Creating these layouts was so much fun and reawakened in me the desire to create more and more..I do have more layouts that I created but no time to post  them now so we will leave those until tomorrow.

All I can say is WOO HOO....I GOT MY SCRAP BACK......

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  1. WOO hoo- you certainly did. Had a great time this weekend!!!